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Court of Appeals Affirms FLEOA, NFOP Victory in LEOSA Lawsuit
This week, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) and the New Jersey Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police (NJ FOP) in a case surrounding the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA). As relevant here, LEOSA allows qualified retired law enforcement officers (QRLEOs) to concealed carry across the United States and its territories. The law is aimed to improve public safety by allowing retired law enforcement officers to s...

PRESS RELEASE: SUNY Brockport to host killer of NYPD Officers Piagentini and Jones as Guest Speaker
PRESS RELEASE The New York State Fraternal Order of Police strongly states that it is SHAMEFUL that SUNY Brockport has invited a convicted cop-killer to speak under the premise that he is a "political prisoner." Cop-killers must not be held up as moral guideposts for students, especially not at the taxpayers expense. These college administrators should be ashamed ! On Wednesday, April 6th, State University New York (SUNY) Brockport will host the speaking engagement of a person involved i...

VCF Registration Deadline is July 29th, 2021
Please read the attached letter which provides important information regarding the September 11th Victim Compensation Find.

Bill S6615 Halted!
We want to thank everyone who reached out to the politicians to voice your opinions against this awful legislation! We stood strong, and will continue to do so as future attacks come! #NYSFOPSTRONG

Help Fight Anti-Police / Anti-Union Bills in Albany
We are living in unprecedented times, where both police and other civil servants are under attack from Albany. There are three bills that the NYSFOP, and a coalition of other NY Police Unions, are working to fight. (1) The Police Accountability Act: Senate Bill S.6615 Assembly Bill A.7835 This bill would make it a crime to use deadly force when trying to arrest a person who has committed murder, forcible rape, forcible criminal sexual act, or to stop a kidnapping. If passed, this bill will ...

Keep New Yorkers Safe!- NO on S.6615 ( Senate Bill 6615 will severely restrict the circumstances in which a police officer is able to use deadly physical force. It is one of the most dangerous ideas yet. Please click here and fill out the petition on the website. Please take the time to help fight this dangerous legislation and rest assured that the NYSFOP is not taking this lightly!

CopLine aiding Law Enforcement 24/7
The internal emotional/psychological struggle of Law Enforcement officers is immense and unfortunately, more often than not, goes by unspoken or unnoticed. CopLine is here to change that. They offer the world's only 24/7 and 100% completely confidential helpline for officers and their families. On the other end of each phone call is a vetted retired police officer to ensure your voice is not only heard but understood. They are a true not-for-profit company built on the foundation of volunte...

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